Your new motorhome from Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd comes with a warranty to cover the various parts of the vehicle; the cab / base vehicle, the WARRANTYapplicances in the living area and the living area body, against water ingress. The warraties are different for each manufacturer, so we will explain which warranty is available for any vehicle you are interested in.

If you keep your motorhome after the warranty period, we can provide an extended warranty to cover all the elements covered by your original warranty.


What is the advantage of getting an extended warranty?

When you own a motorhome or caravan, it can be frustrating to find your vehicle has developed a problem, but your warranty has run out.

Repairs can be expensive, so it’s better to have the same protection for your motorhome as you had when it was under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd can arrange a warranty for when your manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

To find out more about your new vehicle’s warranty, or to apply for an extended warranty, please Contact us by email or on 01482 448157 for a quote